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Mudaliar Association

Mudaliar Association has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1977. From a humble unit formed to assist fellow clansmen in need, the association has now ventured into education assistance, exploring business opportunities and other welfare of the members. Client: MUDALIAR ASSOCIATION Platform: WordPress, CMS Timeframe: 1 Months Website Link: http://mam1975.org.my/ WHAT WE

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The Malaysia Youth Bell Club is a Non-Governmental Organization and moves as the governing body of indian youth and students in the country. Client: MALAYSIA YOUTH BELL CLUB Platform: WordPress, CMS Timeframe: 3 Months Website Link: http://manimandram.org.my/ WHAT WE DID: Built a WordPress website in 12 weeks and went live Installed News Portal, Video Gallery,

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The Malaysian Association Help For The Poor Terminally Ill (PPPM) was established in 1997 by retired officials of the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Client: MALAYSIAN ASSOCIATION HELP FOR THE POOR TERMINALLY ILL Platform: WordPress, CMS, E Commerce Timeframe: 1 Months Website Link: http://www.pmppmm.com/ WHAT WE DID: Built a WordPress website in 3 weeks and went

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