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Content Management Systems

highly effective CMS

CMS refers to “Content Management System” by which one can manage all the sections in a website using user-friendly admin side. We use PHP as programming language and MySQL as database to develop custom content management system. We also use open source content management systems depending upon the requirements of the customers.

Lotusarts has 14+ years of industry experience to offer you unbeatable CMS website experience. We design and develop highly custom CMS websites that meet diverse requirements of our clients from various industries. With our custom CMS web development, you get:

Easy access to content management

User-friendly interface

Complete control

Custom skins

Depending upon the nature of a website, a content management system is planned which enables you to manage features in your website. We have delivered 500+ websites using various content management systems consisting of diverse range of features to manage information pages, customers, catalog, polls, surveys, inventory, customer relationship, marketing, suppliers, blog, message boards, classifieds, languages, and many more web features. There is a large number of possibilities to manage your processes online using content management system.

Benefits Of CMS

WYSIWYG editor

With Content Management System, your website becomes a tool rather than a complex piece of code. You can handle it easily even if you have no experience in dealing with websites. To add, modify or remove any data from your website, all you have to do is fill it like a form. It’s as easy as that.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Business and website owners love the flexibility they get with our CMS websites. After we get you set-up, we show you how to manage your website using our CMS. It is quite easy. Later on, whenever you need to add or modify your website, you can easily do it yourself.

Cost effective

Managing a CMS website is quite easy for anybody. You do not have to occupy a huge staff of techs to manage your website. Plus, having a CMS based website cuts a great deal of your time to deal with issues, updates and customization. Isn’t it just good enough for the price you pay for it?

Ideal for SEO

Using a CMS for your website can boost SEO power of your website. Content management systems publish your content in a way that makes it easier for search engines to find your website, search your new content, and index it in search results. You can also use add-ons, plugins, and other features to tell search engines what keywords match your website and what each page on your site is about.

Professional looking website

Our CMS websites are designed and developed so professionally that your visitors will love to go use it. With highly manageable layouts, clean looks and easy navigation, you don’t just get them back, you also make them feel precious. This is ultimately what your website is supposed to.

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