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Affordable Pay Monthly Website Business Plans

Flexible plans that scale with your busines

With Lotusarts youre covered with an outstanding support team and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Did you know that most website design companies do not offer monthly business website plans.Lotusarts specializes in business website design and offers a pay monthly website design solution. Most of our new customer either have an older website or have designed their first website themselves when the business was just getting started. Our clients typically bundle websites with other services such as our Pay Monthly Local SEO Services and PPC Management Services. Monthly business website pay plans are a fresh idea to designing, updating, and managing a website for your company! LotusartsServices offer a great deal of value to your business without a significant upfront cost.

Ideal for customers wanting an online presence quick and on a low budget!

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The Steps to a Pay Monthly Website

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Talk to a Developer

Create ticket from your client panel and we’ll put you straight through to a developer. Not a salesman or phone operator – a professional, experienced, Macchiato Caramel – drinkingwebsite specialist. They will help you, established exactly what you are looking for, and guide you through the whole process.


We design you a visual

Once you’ve sent us any guidance, graphics or inspiration you have for the site, we’ll digitally design your website’s home page. This will show you exactly how the site would look, and you can request any changes to it – even a complete overhaul. It’s your site, and we want it to be perfect for you.


We build your website

With the design approved, we go ahead and build your Website. This usually takes 7 – 10 days for a Professional site, 15 days for an CMS site or 30 days for an Ecommerce site. At this stage, we ask you to send us your content (text and images) to complete your site.


Test, Optimise, Launch

When you’re happy with the website, we put it through very strict tests to make sure it works perfectly on all browsers and devices. We then put it through Search Engine Optimisation, fire it up and put it live, ready to dominate your market online.


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With a professional, but affordable web design service you will have a website that youwill be proud to have for your business.We listen to the brand and image that you want your business to represent and customize your website accordingly.


We create websites that adapt to any mobile device such as tablets and mobile phones. This ensures that the user gets the very best experience when visiting your website.


All ourpay monthly website plans have come with a 12-month contract. After that, you only need to renewal your domain name and hosting plan. This ensures that you have a website with no risk and also a site you know you will be happy with.


All our websites come with either a content editor for static HTML sites or an easy to use CMS (content management system) using the WordPress platform which allows you to edit, add and delete content from your website whenever required.


All websites areSEO optimized to ensure you take full advantage of the keywords and meta tags to get thebest possible start against the competition in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Our support service means that should you have a question about your site, require help with changes or come across any problems we will resolve them for you at no additional cost will in the contract.

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Common Questions


Yes, after all, it is your business that you will be promoting so who better to provide the content than you!


You need to choose your plan and completeyour registration process. You are required to make your first bill payment to proceed to design work. They monthlyinvoice will be sent to your email / client dashboard.


No. You can’t cancel your contract. If wish to cancel your contract before expired, no data files given to you and we keep all your hosting, email and domain name till payment settle.


Thats right, we dont charge a setup fee. We want to prove our worth through our work and feel the best way to do this is by monthly fees rather than a one-off payment. We will start building your site as soon as the first monthly payment is received.


Our affordable web design plans start from RM90.00 per month and this depends on what features you want on your website.We have three different pay monthly plans to choose from with different features, so you can go through each plan and decide which one fits your needs.

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Lotusarts Services offers an unrivaled 30-Days 100% money back guarantee on web design and social media marketing services. If you arent satisfied with our work, we will refund every penny you spent on your web design. We dont subtract any processing fees and we dont make you jump through hoops. If you dont like it, you get your money back. That guarantee helps inspire us to do the best possible web design work while providing our customers with a great sense of comfort and security. Over 99% of our customers are more than satisfied with our services. Read Term and Condition for More info.


When it comes to responsive web design, Lotusarts should always be your first port of call. Our team of dedicated design professionals is on hand to create the perfect online home for your business or brand, whether you require a straightforward informational site or a completely tailored e-commerce solution.

Guaranteed To Be Amazing


Our key staff have over 7 years experience in achieving digital marketing results for clients for many thousands of businesses in every industry vertical.


We operate with 100% transparency to the client with all fees broken down and hours reported along with who exactly is actioning and signing off on every task.


We have a dedicated research and development team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from digital marketing.


Not only do we hold each team member fully accountable for the results they achieve we are willing to back them with the industries best guarantees.